Kaspersky Password Manager

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Manage your passwords - protect your identity

Kaspersky Password Manager is an all-in-one password solution from the security giants. It will help you generate, use and manage all the passwords necessary for modern online life. View full description


  • Password generator
  • Portable version feature
  • Authorize by password, USB or bluetooth


  • Strange selection of supported browsers

Very good

Kaspersky Password Manager is an all-in-one password solution from the security giants. It will help you generate, use and manage all the passwords necessary for modern online life.

The program follows the same process as the vast majority of password managers. You define an all-important master password and the program sits in your system tray, ready for use when you need it. You can add individual accounts to have them always at hand, while Kaspersky Password Manager also integrates into your browser, so it will detect any new passwords and offer you the opportunity to add them to the program.

Kaspersky Password Manager has good configuration options, including a timeout function and a password generator - perfect for when you have run out of secure password ideas. The program's encryption options are also quite advanced - there is a selection of providers and algorithms. In all, the program is smooth and easy to use, and if there is a problem, it comes with good help.

There was just one thing that stuck out about Kaspersky Password Manager, and that was the slightly odd selection of supported browsers - it includes Netscape, for instance, but not Opera or Chrome. Apart from this little problem, however, Kaspersky Password Manager is a solid password management solution that would be a good addition to any computer.

Kaspersky Password Manager - solid, reliable password management from the Kaspersky stable.

Manage your passwords - protect your identity

Careful use of strong passwords can be vital in ensuring you're protected against identity theft and cybercriminals. Kaspersky Password Manager securely stores all of your website and app account passwords - and synchronizes them across your PCs, Mac computers, Android smartphones, Android tablets, iPhones and iPads... to help you protect your digital identity against hacker attacks.

Simplifies 'sign in' for websites and apps

Because Kaspersky Password Manager stores and manages all your usernames and passwords, you don't need to remember the sign-in details for every website and app - and you won't have to keep sending 'I forgot my password' messages.

Generates strong passwords

Kaspersky Password Manager automatically creates strong, individual passwords on your PC... for each web and app account. You can then use these strong passwords on any of your supported devices.

Helps fill in online forms - on your PC or Mac

When you enter personal information into your identity card*, if any of that data needs to be added to an online form Kaspersky Password Manager will automatically complete the relevant sections of the form.

Provides FREE, secure storage for up to 15 passwords

The FREE version lets you manage fifteen passwords for web and/or app accounts - plus one identity card*. If you buy the premium version, you can store and use an unlimited number of passwords.

Stores your passwords... securely

Kaspersky Password Manager stores all of your passwords - and key information about your identity - in an encrypted vault. Your passwords and identity cards* can only be unlocked with a master password that only you know.

Synchronizes passwords across multiple devices

All your passwords and identity cards* are synchronized across all your devices - PC, Mac, Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad.

Kaspersky Password Manager


Kaspersky Password Manager kpmmac2_0_0_152